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Branch / Representative Office In Main Land

Representative Office / Branch Office in Dubai Main Land

Branch Office in Dubai Main Land

Opening a Branch Office in Dubai Main Land entitles your company to multiple rights and advantages. It unlocks an ocean of possibilities in a foreign location and allows you an opportunity to extend your operations into other markets. Most importantly, a Branch Office has the freedom to perform all activities similar to that of the Parent Company whether it is based in the UAE or not. It also enjoys 100 % foreign ownership. Establishing a branch office in Dubai provides you with numerous growth opportunities in the form of product promotion & Marketing of the Parent Company, undertaking business transactions, and other activities. Such an office is an extension of the Parent Company and is ideal for highly regulated industries including Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Representative Office in Dubai

A Representative Office in Mainland can exercise its rights and undertake business activities. However, unlike a Branch Office, it can only engage in promotional activities supplementing that of the Parent Company. This restricts the scope of Representative Offices to carry on entering into business transactions or market products. For setting up a Representative Office in Dubai, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

 Reliable Local Agent
 Trade Name Reservation
 Initial Approval
 Ministry of Economy (MOE) Approval
 DED License

Documents required for Setting up a Branch Office/ Representative Office in Dubai

 Proof of trade name reservation
 Application forms for registration
 Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) of the Parent Company
 A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Parent Company
 The Director’s Passport Copy
 A No-Objection Letter issued by the Parent Company
 Copies of the Passport and Naturalization book of the Local Service Agent
 A power of attorney for the Local Director
 Parent company’s Management Board Resolution for opening a Branch in Dubai

In addition to the above, there may be a requirement for additional licenses in certain situations.

Our portfolio of Branch Office Setup Services include:

 Preparing the Application Documents
 Identifying a reliable local service agent
 Obtaining approvals and permissions from government departments
 Assisting with opening a Corporate Bank Account for the Branch Office
 Discovering the most favorable and suitable location for your Branch Office Setup In Dubai

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