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Dubai Media City Business Set Up

Dubai Media City (DMC)

Dubai Media City started its operations in the year 2001. It is home to over 1500 companies where 25000 employees work. This Trade Center is home to hundreds of enterprises of which include a few Fortune 500 Companies. It welcomes professionals from each nook and corner of the world. Since its inception, it has witnessed tremendous growth and transformed the Media Businesses. State-of-the-art infrastructure is ideal for media companies that produce top-notch content. If you wish to set up a Dubai Media City Free Zone Company in Dubai, you can bank on Golden Fortune’s reliable Company Formation Services. 

The Dubai Media City issues licenses to companies in the areas of:

 Electronic Media and Media Support Services
 Film Distribution, Management, and Production
 Information Agencies
 Media and Marketing Services
 Music & Entertainment
 News Agencies
 Support Service Providers
 Web Design and Management

Advantages of DMC

 Free to undertake business activities without paying Corporate or other taxes.
 Allows an opportunity for foreign investors to own 100% shares of their company.
 Does not require a local sponsor.
 Robust business setup process.
 Multi-currency Corporate bank accounts
Offers Residence and work permits for professionals.

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