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Hamriyah Free Zone Company Setup

Advantages of Hamriyah Free Zone in Dubai

Hamriyah Free Zone started its operations in 1995 and has carved a niche in businesses across various industries and verticals. Thousands of businesses from around the globe have set up their offices in Hamriyah Free Zone as it offers an infinite growth potential. HFZA leverages State-of-the-art facilities such as offices, warehouses, factories, and executive office suites for providing businesses with an environment conducive to growth. Owing to its favorable location, it enjoys many strategic advantages including access to global markets with strong connectivity. It offers complete foreign ownership to expat investors. It is the ideal investment destination for steel fabricators in the UAE. Being located in a Gulf-centered Country, HFZA has become the primary hub for oil and gas companies. If you wish to establish a Hamriyah Free Zone business setup in Dubai, you can bank on Golden Fortune’s reliable Company Formation Services.

Advantages of Hamriyah Free Zone in Dubai

 Full repatriation of capital and profits.
 Absence of import, export, re-export, and custom duty.
 Companies are eligible for VAT advantages.
 Promising land, air, and sea connectivity.
 Offers Multi-currency Corporate bank accounts
 Has access to a 14-meter deep port and 7-meter deep inner harbor.
 Offers a diverse range of licenses namely commercial, service, and industrial.
 Flexibility in renewable long-term and short-term leases.
 Offers onsite labour accommodation.
 Companies can avail onsite customs facilities.

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