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LLC Company Formation in Dubai, UAE


Are You Looking for Limited Liability Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

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Limited Liability Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the most predominant type of business setup in the UAE Mainland. These companies are authorized to carry out business activities approved by the DED (Department of Economic Development). DED classifies and regulates the types of economic activity that companies are permitted to undertake. A Limited Liability Company is governed by the UAE Commercial Companies Law of 2015 (CCL). The minimum number of shareholders required to form an LLC is 2 while the maximum is 50.

The share of the firm’s equity must be 51% for a UAE (Local Partner) and 49% for a foreign investor. An LLC has a separate legal entity and all liabilities of that company are limited to it. This implies that shareholders cannot be held liable for the company’s liabilities. An LLC offers numerous benefits and is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to earn a high Return on Investment.

Advantages of an LLC Company Formation in Dubai

  • No fixed or minimum share capital requirements.
  • No restriction on real estate ownership
  • Can freely carry out trading across the UAE
  • Exemption on 5% customs duty on imported goods. 
  • Eligible for certain special licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development.
  • Low VAT Rate
  • Improved Credibility for opening multi-currency Corporate bank accounts

LLC Incorporation Services

Golden Fortune’s consultants engage in an effective discussion to assist you with the Limited Liability Company Formation process which may otherwise seem overwhelming. Our services range across:

  • Getting approvals and clearances from various departments.
  • Preparing Memorandum of Association and other necessary agreements
  • Finding local partners
  • Assistance in Opening Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Finding a favorable office location
  • Applying for Residence visa and Emirates ID.
  • Handling other documentation formalities

Apart from this, you can bank on us for clarification regarding any other aspect pertaining to the setup of your Limited Liability Company.

Why Choose Golden Fortune’s LLC Company Formation in Dubai, UAE?

If you have got your hands on choosing the right LLC company formation service, you can understand that it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. A multitude of companies may perplex you to discover what’s best for your business. However, Golden Fortune is committed to provide you reliable services at fair prices.

Golden Hallmarks in LLC Company Formation Dubai
Complete Coverage

We will get you covered for the entire LLC Registration Process from choosing your Business Activity to opening your Corporate Bank Account. Our end-to-end service will prepare and file all the mandatory documents with the authorities.

Consistent Support

Our consultants are well versed with every fundamental of the LLC Incorporation Process and handle it impeccably. You can take advantage of our live customer support option if you have any queries or concerns. We effectively coordinate and communicate with you throughout the entire process and ensure no costly error arises.

Robust process

We ensure the process is streamlined and with the help of appropriate technology and automation. You can just relax and have that sip of coffee while we take care of your LLC company formation process.


We believe in fair business practices. The principle of transparency allows us to provide upfront prices to you. There are no hidden fees involved.

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Learn more about LLC company formation

LLC companies in Dubai Mainland are restricted from engaging in certain types of business activities that require special permits or licenses, such as banking, insurance, and legal services. However, each business activity has its own set of regulations and restrictions, and it is important to seek professional advice before proceeding with any business activity.

A local sponsor is a UAE national or a UAE-owned company that holds a 51% share in the LLC company. The local sponsor is required in most cases for foreign investors who wish to set up an LLC company in Dubai Mainland.

Finding a reliable local sponsor in Dubai Mainland can be challenging, but there are many companies that provide sponsorship services. It is important to research and choose a reputable and reliable local sponsor who can provide support and guidance throughout the company formation process.

The LLC company registration process in Dubai Mainland can take between 7-10 days, but it can take longer depending on the specific requirements of the DED and the type of business activity.

LLC companies in Dubai Mainland are required to renew their trade license annually, file annual financial statements, maintain proper accounting records, and comply with other regulatory requirements, such as VAT registration and compliance.

An LLC company in Dubai Mainland is required to have a physical office space in Dubai. The office space should be leased or owned by the company and should meet the minimum requirements set by the DED, including minimum size, facilities, and location.

Yes, an LLC company in Dubai Mainland can sponsor employees for residency visas. The company must have a valid trade license and provide proof of financial capability to sponsor the employees.

The process for obtaining a trade license for an LLC company in Dubai Mainland involves submitting the required documents to the DED, including the MOA, lease agreement, and other relevant documents. Once the documents are verified and the fees are paid, the trade license will be issued.

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