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Meydan Free Zone


Why Golden Fortune.?

We are the epitome of consultancy services and our team consists of a clan of professionals who are both experienced in Meydan Free Zone Business setup and intelligent and possess extraordinary emotional intelligence.

Branding together with Ease

With Golden Fortune’s expert advice on business setup in Meydan, you can fit into the world of futuristic features i.e. Meydan Free Zone.

Grow as you are

You don’t have to pile up huge loads of cash at first to start your business in Meydan Freezone. You can either take it slow or kickstart in full speed, it is completely your decision.

Flexibility in Visas

Whether you need 6 visas or none, you can get visas for conducting business and the issuance will depend upon the nature of your business.

1500+ License Activities

You can find your desired business license in Meydan Freezone. Golden fortune will help you make your business dreams a reality.

Company Documents Issued Within a Day

All you need is the Government’s approval and your Meydan Free Zone business license will be issued in a day.

Guaranteed IBAN

For the smooth running of your business in Meydan Free Zone you need the digital IBAN and Golden Fortune’s expert hand will help you acquire it.

Office Facilities Open 24/7

Your business services don’t have to stop; you can continue eternally without any hiccups if you choose Meydan Freezone Company setup.

Premium Location

Meydan Freezone is a place that speaks class and technological brilliance and it is the perfect location for setting up your business.

Benefits surpass ordinary

Luxury will just be a mere word when you enter the wide space of Meydan filled with world class infrastructure and facilities like race , golf course etc

Meydan Freezone Company Setup

Flocks of people are going all in on Meydan Free Zone Company Setup, that’s no surprise when you see the benefits that are on offer. This means that no matter where you bring your business from, which part of the world you’re from, no matter what your beliefs are, Meydan Free Zone will always welcome you with its futuristic embrace. Meydan Free Zone is located in one of the premium locations in Dubai, UAE and is strategically placed to provide entrepreneurs or businessmen to have a seamless experience in creating, leading and growing. Golden Fortune will help you place your business in Meydan, all you have to do is just sit back and watch your business shape into something awesome.

Strategic Location

This UAE Free Zoneis close to the airport, seaport and is centrally located in the city of Dubai. Meydan Free Zone is centrally located to have an ease of access and to be never far from the city-where all the business magic happens. Being close to the airport and seaport helps businesses in numerous ways and the awesome view is just an add on.

Business Opportunities

Commencing your business in Meydan Freezone can open up new spheres of international market and high-profile customers. You can grasp the international exposure to develop and expand your business.Being one of the perennial UAE Free Zone, Meydan offers infinite business opportunities and it would be a missed chance if don’tmake use of all the advantages that are on offer.

Availability of office spaces

In Meydan Free Zone, you can easily find an office space that is equipped with everything that you need for Free Zone company setup. Desks, phone and internet access, unhindered reception service etc are some of the usual inclusions in these office spaces. There are also spaces where the business owner can design the space according to their wish and furnish the space with equipment of their own choice.

Easy business setup

The licensing and registration procedures for Meydan Free Zone company setup are hassle free and low cost, making it easy for investors to set up and start operating their business. Even though that’s the case it is always advisable to take the advice of a business setup service like Golden Fortune to clear any confusions and make the procedure faster.

Expat Ownership

Meydan Freezone allows 100% foreign ownership. It allows foreign investors to conduct business in the UAE Freezone without having to share their revenue. The profits and financial assets can be repatriated without any restrictions.

Tax Exemptions

Meydan Freezone is a tax leeward side of Dubai, UAE and the tax-free policies allow exemptions from corporate, income tax and more.

Key Features of Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone Meydan Free Zone is the one of the most thriving commercial free zones in the UAE.
Type of Company Limited Liability Company in free zone with minimum of one (1) shareholder, Branch/Representative office.
100% Ownership Meydan Free Zone guarantees 100% foreign ownership.
Taxes MFZ companies are exempt from all corporate taxes in the United Arab Emirates.
Filing requirements There are no filing, accounting or reporting requirements MFZ companies.
Manager/Person in charge A person in charge is required to be appointed for each company.
Time zone Strategic world time zone: GMT+4
Paid up capital requirement MFZ companies require no minimum paid up capital.


Your Meydan Free Zone business setup journey explained in three (3) simple steps

Submit your Application with completed KYC.
Security & Government Approvals.
Business license issued by Meydan FZ

Documents required

No business can be started without going through a set of formalities and paperwork. Documents representing many of your personal and professional details are to be produced in front of the respective entities. Meydan Free Zone Company setup is no different and here is the list of documents required for its set up procedures:

• Passport copy
• Passport size photo(digital)
• Residence visa copy (only if applicable)
• Emirates ID copy (if applicable)

• Certificate of incorporation
• Certificate of incumbency or equivalent
• Memorandum of Association
• Board resolution

Meyden Free Zone Company

Meydan Freezone is a free trade zone located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.The Meydan Freezone proposes a broad spectrum of services and facilities to support businesses, including office space, warehouse space, and other infrastructure. Companies operating in the Meydan Freezone benefit from access to Dubai’s growing economy, as well as the city’s central location between Europe, Africa, and Asia.The Meydan Stadium is a multi-purpose venue located in Dubai, United Arab Emirateswhich serves as the foundation for the Meydan Free Zone, is a strategic initiative of the Dubai government aimed at linking the world with the Emirate through the hosting of international horse racing events.

Advantages of Establishing a business in Meydan Freezone:

  • Flexible operations: Investors are given the flexibility to operate their business through a Flexi desk.
  • Premium location: The Meydan Free Zone offers a premium location for your business setup.
  • Capital and profit repatriation: Investors are guaranteed 100% repatriation of invested capital and profits.
  • Full ownership: Both individuals and corporate entities are guaranteed 100% ownership of their businesses.
  • Secure environment: The Meydan Free Zone provides an extremely secure business environment.
  • Ideal location: It is a premier location for new businesses looking to establish themselves in Dubai.
  • Streamlined licensing and registration: The licensing and registration process is seamless and efficient.
  • Regulated environment: The Meydan Free Zone provides a secure, regulated environment for businesses.
  • Efficient procedures: The licensing and registration procedures are very competent, making it easy for investors to set up and start operating their business.

Meydan Freezone License

A MeydanFreezone license is a permit that helps companies to operate within the MeydanFreezone. Companies those operating in MeydanFreezone can choose various license types, including:

Trading license: This license is mandatory for companies involved in distribution of goods, import and export etc.

Logistics license: This is required for companies involved in transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods.

Service license: If a company provides services such as design, consultancy and support service, then the service license is important.

E-commerce license: The Companies those involved in online trading and related activities, an E-commerce license is mandatory.

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Learn more about Meydan Free zone

There are several types of business licenses available in Dubai Meydan Free Zone, depending on the nature of the business activity. Some of the main license types include:

  • Commercial License: This license is required for businesses engaged in trading, import/export, and other commercial activities.
  • Service License: This license is for companies providing services, such as consulting, marketing, or IT services.
  • Industrial License: This license is for companies involved in manufacturing or other industrial activities.
  • Freelance License: This license is designed for individual professionals who provide services such as writing, designing, or consulting.
  • Holding Company License: This license is for companies that hold assets, investments, or shares in other companies.
  • Trading License: This license is for companies engaged in the buying and selling of goods.

Meydan Freezone offers a range of facilities for businesses including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, no currency restrictions, easy company formation, access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, and proximity to key business hubs in Dubai. Additionally, businesses in Meydan Freezone have access to a range of support services such as legal, banking, and visa assistance.

Yes, it is possible to rent an office space in Meydan Freezone. The free zone offers a range of office solutions to suit the needs of different types of businesses.

For instance, Meydan Freezone offers flexi-desk options, which are shared workspaces that can be used on a part-time or ad-hoc basis. This is ideal for freelancers, startups, or small businesses that do not require a full-time office.

Additionally, Meydan Freezone also provides serviced offices that are fully furnished and equipped with all necessary amenities, including internet, telephony, and administrative support. These offices are ideal for businesses that require a private office space but do not want to invest in setting up their own office infrastructure.

For larger businesses or those that require a more customized office space, Meydan Freezone offers customizable office solutions, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the business. This includes options to combine multiple office units or to create a dedicated workspace.

The cost of renting an office space in Meydan Freezone will depend on the type and size of the office space required, as well as the duration of the rental period.

To open a bank account in Meydan Freezone, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a bank: Research and select a bank that operates in Meydan Freezone.
  • Gather required documents: Collect the necessary documents, which typically include a valid passport, residency visa, and proof of address.
  • Visit the bank: Visit the bank in person to initiate the account opening process.
  • Fill out application forms: Fill out the account opening application forms and provide the required documents.
  • Wait for approval: Wait for the bank to review your application and approve your account.
  • Fund your account: Once your account is approved, you can fund it with an initial deposit.

Note that specific requirements may vary depending on the bank and your individual circumstances, so it’s always best to check with your chosen bank for their specific procedures and requirements. 

Meydan Freezone restricts business activities to specific sectors, such as sports, entertainment, technology, healthcare, and e-commerce. Companies operating within the free zone must comply with regulations set by relevant authorities in the UAE, and there may be restrictions on ownership, employment, and certain business activities.

Yes, there is a minimum capital requirement for setting up a business in Dubai Meydan Freezone, which can vary based on the type of license and the nature of the business. The specific minimum capital requirements can range from AED 50,000 to AED 1,000,000. It’s important to check with the relevant authorities to confirm the specific requirements for your business.

Yes, businesses in Meydan Freezone can import and export goods without paying customs duties or taxes. However, businesses must comply with the import and export regulations and laws of the UAE.

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