RAK Offshore Company Formation

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is one of the independent Emirates that make up the UAE. It is a lucrative option for investors who want to start an offshore company in Rak International Corporate Centre. These company formation services are ideal companies aimed at minimizing their corporate tax liabilities and strengthening asset protection. You can leverage trading and professional services in a single license. Setting up a company in RAK is a matter of international prestige and value. RAKICC is an advanced, world-class organization registry operating in full consistency with the International Company Formation industry. RAK Offshore Company Registration facilitates tax planning and fosters security and confidentiality of corporations. Golden Fortune will assist you in RAK Offshore Company Formation Process.

Key Benefits of RAK Offshore Company Formation in UAE

100% Foreign Ownership: The fact that RAK companies requires no local shareholding makes them fully in hand of investors.

Shares in Local Companies: Such companies can hold the shares in both Free Zone and Onshore (LLC) Companies.

Local Bank Account: Your Offshore Company would be eligible for holding multi-currency bank accounts for international transactions.

Fast Incorporation: The application process is robust and takes 1 week.

100% profit transfer: Such companies are eligible for full capital and profits repatriation.

No requirement for annual audit: Such companies can operate without having an annual audit.

Tax & VAT Exemption: The absence of income, wealth, & sales tax and no VAT makes it a viable option for foreign investors.

Freedom to own real estate properties: As the name suggests, RAK Offshore Company can own freehold real estate properties in Dubai or anywhere in UAE without obtaining any trade license.